Company Overview

Rieju currently has an extensive all-road range (MRT, MARATHON, TANGO as well as the leading developments of the PRO range in 50cc 2T and 125cc 4T). This is complemented by the 100% sport road vehicles such as the RS3 family (the product with the highest production figures) and the new electric bicycle e-Bicy. All these products have been well-received in markets like Germany, Spain and France – mainly off-road – with 20,000 motorcycles produced in Spain every year, with the support of a solid corporate structure and a concern for the environment.

In 2010 we exported 80% of our production, placing us among the leaders of the market for mopeds with gearboxes. We had a share of the European market that exceeded 17%, with direct sales of our motorcycles in Spain, France, Italy, and the UK and with sales via importers for the rest of the CEE countries. We currently sell our products in 20 countries.

Rieju Italia and Rieju UK subsidiaries were created during 2007 in response to Rieju's strategy of direct access to existing and potential markets. This ensures that dealers and end-users receive the highest level of Rieju customer and Post-Sales service as well as making it easier for the young motorcycle enthusiast to find our products and to enjoy the confidence that Rieju's guarantee of quality brings.

One of the most important characteristics of every vehicle designed and produced at Rieju is their versatility. All are created with multipurpose usage in mind and take into account ease of driving with two objectives: safety and user enjoyment. This versatility brings another advantage: personalization. The majority of the vehicles that we sell can be adapted and transformed according to the personality and tastes of the individual user.


The ability to adapt and the versatility are the driving forces behind the 12,550 M² of facilities between Girona and Barcelona that product 20,000 motorcycles each year. Rieju uses cutting edge technology to produce all the critical parts of its motorcycles in Spain.


Quality lies at the heart of our technical department (engineering, design and R+D) guaranteeing that our products are reliable and function well, using only carefully selected components purchased from our suppliers.


Because we make all the critical parts of our motorcycles at Rieju, we are constantly incorporating the latest technology – using cutting edge machinery to produce components or, for example, to spoke our tires. We have 3 paintwork tunnels, welding robots and tool machinery to merchandise and assemble the different parts of our vehicles. And it goes without saying that behind every machine stands the best team!


We have three assembly lines (we say 2 + 1) where we assemble 25 out of the 27 models that we currently manufacture. Two of these are used to assemble the whole RIEJU range. The smallest was built for the MX Junior and is where we assemble the whole Tango product family. We will soon be adapting one of these for a new concept in assembly– the design, try and buy it system. Perfect for the personable Tangoo model.


We directly supply the network of RIEJU stores, sending our motorcycles and parts from the finished product and parts warehouse to more than 20 countries. We supply material from the RIEJU logistics warehouses to more than 820 Official Dealers in Europe and worldwide importers, offering them a constant, flexible service. Our parts list also includes classic models (we call these our historic parts)


Our After-Sales service (available in Spain, France and Export zones) is one of the best in the motorcycle world (not our words – it's the opinion of our network of dealers). The direct link between our Sales and Quality assurance departments and the "PC RIEJU" system is a key factor in providing fast and efficient supply and solutions.

This year Rieju celebrates 75 years since making its first motorcycle. With the investment and creation of new products, more news will follow.

and we hope that you will be part of it!

75th Anniversary Book

Rieju acquires GasGas Enduro platform.

Rieju S.A. acquires the Enduro platform that manufactured the Gas Gas models. An agreement has been reached between the two Catalan companies that facilitates the sale by TORROT ELECTRIC EUROPA, S.A. of the intellectual and industrial property of the well-known Spanish enduro motorcycle platform that will now be manufactured and marketed under the RIEJU brand.

Models designed specifically to perform at the highest level in enduro and cross country competition, the result of which saw prestigious riders such as Christophe Nambotin, Antoine Basset, Jonathan Barragán, Danny McCanney and Alex Snow accomplishing international sporting successes such as the Enduro World Sub-Championship and the national championships of Spain, France and Italy, amongst others.

RIEJU, S.A. will manufacture the very latest enduro models at its plant in Figueres, and will begin distributing them from June 2020.

RIEJU, S.A. has a renowned consolidated trajectory throughout 75 years of history. It currently manufactures more than 12,000 motorcycles annually in its facilities in Figueres near Barcelona and exports 85% of its production to more than 40 countries.

From this agreement and reinforcing its position in the off road sector, RIEJU, S.A. will expand its current range of engines with larger displacement models.

Jordi Riera, "CEO of RIEJU, S.A."

"This agreement allows RIEJU an immediate presence in the off-road competition segment with larger capacity machines than usual for Rieju, as well as a significant expansion of our client portfolio, and important openings to new markets."

“We are very excited for this new adventure and the enormous challenge that this entails. We have enormous experience in our design, manufacture and distribution structure, so we are convinced that this project will be a success for our company. "

José Antonio Lombardía, "Managing Director of TORROT ELECTRIC EUROPA, S.A."
"We are very satisfied with this agreement, since it represents continuity for our local industry. We have valued the offer of RIEJU, SA over other candidates for its long history, its high production capacity and quality and because it allows us to preserve the manufacturing of these motorcycles specialist and support auxiliary suppliers in our territory.”
“Endorsed by the success of the product since its launch and its great acceptance in the market, we foresee that RIEJU, S.A. will have a great success in this new challenge.